Help you Prepare your Business
We help you prepare your business for sale. We will be able to indicate to you certain actions you can take immediately to help your business shine in the eyes of a buyer. We can let you know some of the common questions that are asked by business buyers to help you anticipate what information you will need to prepare. As experienced business brokers, we can point out some of the quicker issues that can be resolved immediately before you start meeting buyers.

Assist to Determine Selling Price
We will establish a selling price for your business. We use many methodologies to derive a fair price.  There are different business valuation techniques that can be used – earnings multiples, asset-based valuation, discounted futures cash flow method, etc.  We have many techniques we use to place a value on a business. Then we will explain to you the logic and though process used to determine a selling price. Some of the most important factors for setting a selling price are:
•        Discretionary Income (Usually very important)
•        Fixtures & Equipment & their condition
•        Inventory
•        Goodwill (the reasonable expectation of future profit)
•        Lease & leasehold improvements
•        A Franchise
•        Customer and/or mailing list
•        Patents/copyrights
•        Secret recipes/information
•        Number of years in Business
•        Is owner willing to help transition the business?
•        Is this business on an up or down industry trend?

Our first priority is to maintain the confidentiality of the business sale while we find you a good,qualified buyer.  In most cases, we do not work with or share our business listings with Realtors or other business brokers. This insures a very high level of confidentiality that our customers and competitors will not know your business is for sale.

Finding a Qualified Buyer
We have every buyer fill out a CA/ NDA (Confidentiality Agreement and Non Disclosure Agreement) before an overview on the business is given out. This agreement allows us to pre-screen every buyer and know if he can make the purchase of the business with cash, or if he needs funding from a lender or seller financing.

Few buyers come to the table will all cash. Most buyers will need either outside funding from a SBA Lender or Seller Financing. We work with a great business mortgage broker who has worked with several preferred SBA Lenders across the country that can in most cases fund a buyer. In some cases, we will get a pre-approval on the business, before a buyer comes along. We will work with the buyer to get them funded by one of these lenders.   

We will also help in the negotiation between the buyer and seller and properly present a Letter of Intent as well as subsequent counter-offers. We will be the go-between to ensure no misunderstandings and to make sure all questions are answered. We then work with the closing attorney, supplying all the business documents needed to close the deal.

Due Diligence
During the due diligence process the buyer will need to confirm facts and do a thorough examination of the business.  This can be a lengthy process and complicated. Many deals are lost during due diligence that ultimately resulted in flared passions and misunderstandings.  In many cases we help a buyers with the collection of documents, answering any questions during this review.

Once the due diligence is complete, we help in final details with the closing agents, set up the closing and handle any last minute issues. This process can take 1-2 months with a cash buyer or seller financing months and 3-4 months if outside SBA Funding is needed.